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DFP welcomes STEAM gift cards, our newest cash-out reward!

Talk about giving members options! You can use your accounts to buy up to $240 of Steam gift cards each year! Now you have access to even more gift cards including: STEAM, JB HiFi, EBGames, Good Games, Games Workshop, eVent Cinemas, and Graphic Action Comics.
DFP now has over 5000+ items for members to access with their accounts. Get out and earn some real money for gaming skills!

In 2013, two DFP members earned over $1000 each, and you could too, if you have what it takes.

DownForwardPunch (DFP) is a brand new type of in-person competitive video games community.

Located in the heart of Newcastle, NSW, we are open to gamers from anywhere. Set highscores, fastest times, and compete in head-to-head matches in some of the best games of this generation, and last.

Earn rewards and discounts to buy gaming related collectibles, clothing, toys and much more from our exclusive Store! Get in it to win it!



Standing 20 inches tall and available NOW, this Gordon Freeman Statue from the Half-Life series, made by Gaming Heads and featured everywhere won't last long!

Secure yours today from DFP, your gateway to the most awesome products from the biggest and best companies on the planet!

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Smash the competition and start earning money NOW!

Have you got skills and dedication?

Welcome to the DownForwardPunch website, or DFP as it is known by regular members. We are an in-person competitive gaming community for all ages and all skill levels! Promising the most popular games across all platforms for competition play in a fun friendly environment. EARN yourself discounts and buy anything you want from the DFP collection (5000+ items available) for your efforts at events! All this information will be linked to our scoreboard and reflected on your Profile page (returning soon)! Be a part of the fun and excitement of head-to-head in-person eSports, we have something for everyone!

Join up at the Centre, come down and meet and challenge the best local gamers! Check the events area for more information and don’t forget to tell your friends about DFP and 'Play to WIN'!

Parents be advised

On Sunday's, children under 15 are not permitted within the building, even under parent supervision.
Friday's are open age Pokemon competitions (must be age 10 or older). Saturday's are UNDER 15 competitions (must be age 10 or older).

We at Downforwardpunch have and will take all securities necessary to protect all our members safety. Our host has a ‘working with kids check’ blue card and is also trained in first aid. All registered member details will be available at events to contact emergency numbers if needed. Please make sure your child fills in all details correctly online. Our staff may contact you if your son/daughter has recently joined our member base and is under the age of 18.

The main area of gaming competitions contains only G, PG, and M rated games. Children under 15 will not have access to view MA15+ games, or R18+ games.

Our venue has full insurance and we are also fully insured, for product and public liability. Safety is our first priority when setting up events and we will encourage you to come along to watch your child compete and play in a friendly environment.

Finally, we will not tolerate bad language, racism, drugs or alcohol, or unruly behavior being at our events. We want to promote good sportsmanship amongst all our members and attendees, especially the younger members.

Feel free to contact me to obtain more information about anything and we hope to see you at our next event!

Cost and prize summary

At DownForwardPunch, members earn money winning competitions to buy what they want. It's very simple. Win regularly in the finals and your account will start to boost in no time!

Cost at DFP varies from event to event, so please check the relevant event section. A competitor at DFP will pay anywhere from $6 - $35, depending on how many competitions they would like to take part in.

Once inside you have access to head-to-head competition match-ups, take part in free Arcade highscore challenges, and take part in any free competition that may be running on the day!

By taking part in more competitions and challenges you will earn more points, within your first month of regular visits this will add up to get you HUGE discounts on gaming related collectibles, clothing, and toys. Winning competitions will see you earning thousands of points and hundreds of dollars in discounts in no time!

You can spend your points in the DFP Store on various rewards* like EBGames gift cards and JB HI-FI gift cards. You are free to choose how and when you use your points!** Your player points will never expire! New rewards will be added to the DFP Store regularly!

Please check the Player points area to find out more about this awesome system for rewarding gamers for taking part in competitions!

Spectators will also have access to the Arcade competitions and any freeplay Stations. Spectating parents/guardians enter FREE.

*Members can cash out on one reward each week from the Reward section of the Store
**Members can use any number of points to buy collectable Items from the DFP Store


A little bit about DFP

Downforwardpunch is a registered company. DFP does NOT receive financial assistance from any large business or corporation. DFP does accept and appreciate donations and other forms of charity.

DFP is for everyone who enjoys competing in video games and being around gamers. Not only will we be focused on a competitive gaming experience, but we will provide a great environment for fun that is as casual as it is competitive.

Events are well organized, and we are confident that DFP will grow to become a regular weekly sport for young and old. Our main focus is on building the local community and making room to expand to other areas of gaming.

Please feel free to contact us about absolutely anything.


The first thing you want to do is read as much information about DFP that you can so you understand exactly the service being provided.

Currently, you can only join DFP in-person during opening hours, and you may need a suitable form of identification. All information supplied during registration needs to be correct, honesty is our first policy.

This is just the beginning of you becoming known for your gaming skills and dedication to the art/sport that is competitive gaming.

Catch you at an event soon, get in it to win it!


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